The Ghanaian Presbyterian Church of Toronto has a very interesting and compelling history.
A few Ghanaian churches had been established in Toronto by the turn of the 1990s. Therefore the idea of a Ghanaian Presbyterian Church in Toronto became a subject of discussion amongst some Ghanaians who used to attend a Presbyterian Church in their native Ghana and now reside in Toronto. The call for a Prebyterian Church grew louder and louder especially during the early part of 1994.
Sometime in May of 1994, George Baiden, Billy Ankomah, Wofa Yaw Nyarko, Agyei-Amoamah, Ofori Asiamah, Theophilus Awuku, Edward Danchie (deceased) and Grace Danchie met at the Thistletown Community Center to plan a strategy to start a Ghanaian Presbyterian Church. Theophilus Awuku offered his living room at 160 Chalkfarm Drive for Fellowship meetings. From that day, the eight founding fathers invited friends and relatives to Fellowship together on Sundays in the afternoon. The fellowship was made up of Theophilus Awuku, Theodora Awuku, George Baiden, Rose Baiden, Mary Kwakyewa, Ofori Asiamah, Thomas Afram, Comfort Afram, Ernest Asiffo, Gregory Larbi, Comfort Larbi (deceased), Agyei Amoamah, George Pimpong (deceased), Billy Ankomah, Emmanuel Obuobi, Comfort Obuobi, Edward Danchie, Grace Danchie, Sam Awuku, Evelyn Awuku and Wofa Yaw Nyarko.

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